Monday, May 24, 2010

Yankee's Game: Leave Your iPad At Home

The Yankees wouldn't let this fan bring her iPad into Yankee Stadium.

Actually, they won't let anyone bring their cool new toy through the gates. A call over to the Yankees' security department confirmed this story....the ban is true. All iPads fall under the "No Laptops" rule in its existing security policy and are not allowed at Yankee Stadium.

Sneak it in under you jacket to bring it to Fenway...they don't care

That, of course, seems absurd. The TSA doesn't require travelers to remove iPads from their screened baggage and the device is basically just a larger version of the smartphones people carry in by the thousands. Plus, it's also quite an inconvenience for fans who might just want to use the iPad for their train travels to and from the park.

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