Tuesday, May 4, 2010

World of Warcraft on iPad

World of Warcraft players had a bit of excitement this past weekend after David Perry, CEO and co-founder of Gaikai, posted an image of WoW running on an iPad.

Gaikai, like OnLive and to a lesser extent, InstantAction, is working on a technology to allow streaming of games to a browser or other thin-client. The idea is that all the processing logic happens on their servers and then graphics and sound are streamed to the client, and input is sent back to the Gaikai or OnLive servers.

Private Beta game streaming service enables running MMORPG games on the iPad over Wi-Fi. David Perry, CEO and co-founder of Gaikai.com, showed a photo of an iPad running World of Warcraft, the popular MMORPG game. The game was being streamed over Wi-Fi to the iPad tablet using Gaikai's streaming technology. Looks like streaming games is going to be the next big thing since OnLive, an on-demand game service based on Cloud computing, has similar plans as well.

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