Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ShutterSnitch for iPad

If you have an Eye-Fi card and an iPad, you need ShutterSnitch. The $8 iPhone and iPad application lets you beam photos as you shoot them direct to the iPad where they are displayed on the large 10-inch screen. This is useful for “tethered” shooting where you may want somebody else to monitor the images as you shoot, or just to help you out with a giant image preview.

ShutterSnitch has a built-in FTP-server, which is how it communicates with the Eye-Fi (Canon and Nikon transmitter accessories also work). As you shoot, the pictures are sent over the Wi-Fi network (you’ll need some kind of router here, as the iPad can’t create an ad-hoc network) and appear on the screen. You can also set rules that trigger on-screen messages based on the photos’ metadata. For instance, if your auto-ISO creeps up to high, a warning will flash up.

All features are also available on iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • Create a collection for each photoshoot.
  • Lock private collections.
  • E-mail full or cropped images directly from the browser.
  • Large scale histograms (RGB,R,G,B).
  • Get a visible and/or audible warning if shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal length, and/or light level doesn't fit your predefined rules.
  • Editing functionality is only enabled when you log in as Superuser, so you don't have to worry when sharing your iPad with crew and models.
  • Custom username, password, and port for the built-in FTP server.

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  1. If you tried this app before and it kept crashing on your iPad, you need to go back to the App Store and get the version 1.1.1 update -- it solves this problem.

    Also note that it won't display raw files, so set your camera to raw+JPEG if you're a raw shooter.

    Other than that, very slick app.


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