Friday, May 21, 2010

Satisfied With Your iPad?

More than 90 percent of consumers love their iPad. The surveys by ChangeWave found demand for the tablet device is increasing after the product’s introduction and that iPad owners are three-times as likely to read newspapers and magazines compared to owners of other e-readers.

A survey of 153 iPad owners found 74 percent were “very satisfied” with the device while another 17 percent were “somewhat satisfied.” Only 2 percent of the survey group were unsatisfied with the Apple tablet.

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Half of those who own an iPad said they read newspapers on their device, compared to just 14 percent of all other e-reader owners. And 38 percent of iPad owners read magazines, compared to 11 percent of other e-reader owners.

"In short," the ChangeWave study said, "more than 3 times as many iPad e-Reader owners say they read Newspapers and Magazines as do all other e-Reader owners."

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