Monday, May 10, 2010

Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPad

These are just obvious reasons to download the iPad Jailbreak

Multitasking. Why do I have to shut down e-mail to grab a URL from Safari? This fix is coming too, when iPhone 4.0 is released for the iPad, but why do we have to wait until next fall?

Multiple accounts. I'd like one iPad configuration — apps, calendar, e-mail, bookmarks — for me, another for my wife.

Streaming music from a Mac. Videos can be streamed over Wi-Fi using third-party apps like Air Video. Why not songs?

Apple app syncing. When using Pages, Numbers or Keynote, why aren't changes made on Mac documents reflected on their iPad counterparts?

Tethering. There's a USB cable port on the iPad camera connection kit. What exactly is preventing USB modems from working on it?

Unrestricted 3G Privileges. 3G Unrestricted the $2 app enables jailbroken iPad users to select any app that they wish to use over 3G. Apple does not allow calls over 3G, nor do they allow apps like ABC and Netflix. 3G Unrestrictor allows us to remove this blockage and use full 3G connection with any app we desire.

No Insane Roaming Charges. When on a foreign trip you will not be tied to AT&T data plan which the carrier has announced yesterday, it costs $1.25 per MB.

Safe. No one has yet reported a permanent problem with a Jailbroken iPad and, even if you find your iPad acting weirdly you can always restore your iPad to factory settings by just connecting it to the iTunes.


  1. would this jailbroken iPad be a better productivity tool? I have not been interested in the iPad because it doesn't seem to be able to run word processing or spreadsheets like I'd need it to, but if this allows me to use word or excel...

  2. Do any of these features (Besides Multitasking and Tethering)actually exist as Cydia apps? I agree it would be awesome if jailbreaking let you do all these things, but can you provide app examples for features like Mac app syncing and multiple accounts? I would love to see them, thanks!

  3. @ Riley

    Word? use Pages it's better. Excel Use Number it's better. When i say better i mean given the input device. Desktop apps do not translate well to a touch device.
    To prove that yourself or to any idiot waiting for OS X or Win 7 on a slate device just grab an iPad use a VNC app to display your OS X or Windows computer screen on the iPad screen and try and use it.


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