Monday, May 10, 2010

The prices for the various iPad models vary from country to country, although it looks like Apple isn’t loading up the margins quite as much as usual, international customers will still pay a premium. After taking into account local taxes (VAT at 17.5% in the UK for example) and also adding on the sales tax in the US (which isn’t quoted in Apple’s pricing) and the differences become clearer. The table above was put together by our friend Fabio Zambelli of the Italian tech blog, and has been converted into Euros to make it easy to see the differences.

Example: the cheapest iPad is $500 in the US. Add on New York sales tax and you get $543. In the UK, the same model will cost you £430, or $635, a difference of roughly $90. Move up to the top-of-the-line 64GB with 3G and the NYC price is $902, compared to £700, or $1,036 in the UK. Meanwhile, the same model in Spain is €780, or $993.

The second difference will be the 3G data plans offered around the world. AT&T has set an aggressive precedent with its unlimited $30-per-month plan, and we have a feeling that, if Apple favors certain carriers by including their SIM-cards in the box as it does with AT&T, then there will be similar deals. That hasn’t happened yet though, as you’ll see below.

Off to the UK once again: Orange has announced its plans, and there is no unlimited option. The best you’ll get is a monthly limit of 10GB for £25 ($37). for £15 per month you can be capped at just 3GB, and there are also daily (200MB) and weekly (1GB) plans. You can also pay as you go, paying 5p ( 7 cents) per MB, capped at £40 ($59), or 800MB.

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