Monday, May 3, 2010

Multifl0w App For iPad

There’s no better way to kick off the work week than with news of the latest iPhone OS jailbreak solution from the iPhone Dev Team. Following on their iPad jailbreak download and iPhone OS 4.0 jailbreak demo, the venerable iPhone OS hackers have announced today that they’ve managed to free the iPad and newer iPhones from the clutches of Apple's iPhone/iPad OS lockdown, allowing you to use third-party iPhone/iPad apps that Apple would never approve for the AppStore.

This latest jailbreak solution is being called the “Spirit” jailbreak. For newer iPhones (and iPod Touches), the Spirit jailbreak allows you to complete the jailbreak hack without having to connect the device to your computer. Previously, users would have to “tether” their new iPad to a computer to finish the boot process. Spirit now makes it possible to jailbreak all iPads and iPhones, regardless of manufacturing date, without the need to tether.

What’s bigger, though, is that the Spirit jailbreak works on iPhone OS 3.1.2 – the very iPhone OS build that powers the new Apple iPad. That’s a big deal, because the iPhone OS 3.1.2 can now be hacked to run third-party software like Multifl0w. Rather than wait for Apple to loose iPhone OS 4.0 on all iPads later this year, this jailbreak will allow you to hack your way to multi-tasking.

Multifl0w allows the user to continue running an iPad app in the background by opening the app and holding down the “Home” button, just like another multi-tasking app known as “Backgrounder.” But, it’s Multifl0w’s window-based multi-tasking interface that really sets it apart from the crowd. Double-clicking the Home button brings up a gallery of iPad app windows, allowing the user to flick through various running apps and interact with them at will. Closing an app is as simple as holding down the Home button on an open app.

Keep in mind that Spirit is a jailbreak only. It won’t unlock your iPhone for use with other carriers. Also, make sure to read the warnings on using Spirit here from the Dev Team.


  1. Hey, um, Multifl0w doesn't work on iPad yet. Neither does backgrounder. So, I spent five bucks on this for nothing. Most of the mobile substrate extensions haven't been ported yet. Way to do your research.

  2. Did you remember to jailbreak it?

    I have backgrounder working on my iPad are the instructions

    My roommate has multiflow installed and working...same OS for iPad as iPhone, not sure where the problem would be!

  3. Technically, no, multifl0w, proswitcher, circoiu(don't remember how to spell it), globo(something something), and etc such as multitasking tools do not yet work for the iPad. I would assume it is due to the visual effects. The cards created on the software are ipod/iPhone rectangles which, from what I'm looking at now, do not work for iPad due to it's bigger screen..... Etc, yes :)

    In conclusion, make the screen sizes the sizes of the iPad and boom, done

  4. backgrounder works, buggy a best, i think that as of yesterday a newer version for ipad was released. not as awesome looking but it works

  5. this ipad is a piece of junk.. worthless compared to my palm pre but i get all the free apps and music so wanted to try it.. backgrounder works but is glitchy.. mutli flow kinda works but only shows up very small like its still in iphone resolution display.. backgrounder good.. multifl0w bad.. it made my ipad very unstable.

  6. Not sure what the fuss is all about. I just installed, tested and am using Backgrounder along with Circuitious and it works flawlessly. I have had not stability issues and have cycled through the various preferences and everything is working just fine.


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