Monday, May 3, 2010

Jailbroken iPad 3G Sends SMS Text Messages

There is some great work being done in the jailbreaking community for the newly released iPad 3G. The infamous iPhone Dev Team has managed to send SMS text messages from iPad 3G using command line terminal. Even though it is early in development (no GUI), it still gets to show one of the many possibilities that you can get using a jailbroken iDevice.

MuscleNerd has been working away on his new Apple iPad 3G this weekend it seems. As well as him and the dev team launching the Apple iPhone OS 3.1.X and 3.2 untethered jailbreak, they also managed to get the Apple iPad 3G to send an SMS message.

There is no GUI for this though and right now it is only working via command line, but either way it’s still a great accomplishment indicating that next in line is phone calls.

The SMS couldn’t be sent over the AT&T network though as there seems to be some block on the AT&T micro SIM sending messages. Instead, a T-Mobile SIM card was chopped up and made in to a micro SIM and this SIM was used to send the messages.


  1. how do you get to the command line?

  2. Is there no terminal application at all for the iPad?


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