Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jailbreak iPad App: SNES HD

Still looking for a reason to Jailbreak your iPad with Spirit?

Well look no further!

SNES (HD) is my iPad port of the popular Super Nintendo emulator Snes9x. Though based on ZodTTD’s iPhone port snes4iphone, I have rewritten most of the iPhone specific code to match my own coding style and the iPad environment. It still needs a few finishing touches, but games are very playable and I think it’s cool enough to let loose into the wild.


  • iPhone controller app for remote control
  • Multiplayer – up to four controllers can connect at once
  • iPhone volume keys remapped to L/R buttons
  • Fullscreen graphics – both landscape orientations supported
  • Save state preview snapshots
  • iPad optimized interface with “virtual console”


In Cydia (on both the iPad and any iPhones you want to use) go to the “Manage” tab and click on “Sources.” Tap the “Edit” button at the top-right and then tap the “Add” button at top-left. In the prompt that appears, enter http://wherethewoozlewasnt.com/cydia and hit “Add Source.” After a couple minutes the source should appear in the “Entered By User” section. Tap the “Done” button, and then tap on the entry for wherethewoozlewasnt.com. Install SNES-HD by tapping on it and tapping “Install.” Repeat on your iPhone to install the ControlPad app.

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Love this SNES stuff??

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  1. ZELDA... Hell YEAH!!

  2. Great find but the source won't verify any help??

  3. did not find repository. whats the deal

  4. needs wiimote/classic controller support
    for those who don't own iphone/itouch...
    perhaps zodTTD will get his finger out now.
    great app !! n64 next please ;o)

  5. I cant get the roms to be recognized by the app. Any help?

  6. Iphone 2g wont connect to ipad help plZ


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