Saturday, May 22, 2010

iPad: Will Take Cash!

To ensure that the immensely popular iPads did'nt make it into the hands of black markets, the company wanted to ensure that nobody purchased more than 2 iPads. This resulted in a policy which required payment for these gadgets to be paid via credit card only.

"About a month ago, we said we'd like you to use a credit card when you buy your iPad, and that was the best way we could think of to make sure that people only bought two per individual"

All this changed when Diane Campbell walked into an Apple store. The lady was disabled, lived on fixed monthly income and therefore could not easily get a credit card. However, she had saved enough, $600, to buy her favorite iPad.

Apple reversed a U.S. store policy that required customers to pay for iPads with a credit or debit card, and is now accepting cash as payment for the tablet-style computer.

Free iPad for Campbell

"And then it came to our attention that Diane (Campbell), was very interested in buying an iPad with cash, and we made a decision today to change that."

"We want to make sure it's as fair as possible for people to get iPads," Ron Johnson, a senior vice president at Apple.

Not only that, Apple ensured that a free iPad was delivered to Campbell's house!

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