Tuesday, May 4, 2010

iPad Site Visitors

I'd like to personally thank all of those that have or are visiting from an iPad...that is the whole point!

We've tested this site with our iPad's and found some issues with vimeo video clips and whatnot. Please drop a comment if there is anything that we can do with this site to make your visit better. Also, can you see the .gif image below on your iPad? Been getting mixed results with .gif files!


  1. Awesome gif...love TimeWarp!

  2. Would mine show up as iPhone or iPad as I connected my iPad to my iPhone thru MyWi!

  3. Took a while to load, but yes, the gif is there, and is awesome...

  4. Took forever to load over 3G, and formatting of this page is messed up while entering a comment, the left side text is cut off.

    I reloaded the page, tried landscape, still seeing the format issue.

  5. I will have our web design dude look into this iPad format issue...THANKS!


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