Tuesday, May 4, 2010

iPad 3G International Data Plans From AT&T

If you absolutely need to stay hooked to the Internet wherever you go and already sport a spanking new iPad 3G, why not check out what AT&T has to offer with their international data roaming plans? Bear in mind that the pricing isn't cheap at all, considering you will need to fork out $24.99 monthly for a 20MB international roaming data plan, with 50MB, 100MB and 200MB plans going for $59.99, $119.99 and $199.99 per month, respectively.

Based on my meter that I have on my phone wireless tethering, I typically burn through 20MB in about 1 hour. And have cleared 100MB in a couple hours of heavy usage. This price is outrageous...which is another reason I won't buy a 3G iPad for myself, as I stated previously...iPad 3G is not necessary!

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