Monday, May 24, 2010

Cydia iPad Apps

Cydia, the main ipad jailbreak app store, now lets you know when an app is not compatible with the jailbroken iPad. Instead of having to refer to the google docs spreadsheet of working iPad Jailbreak Apps, and prevents you from installing them in the first case.

I have kept my iPad jailbroken and may soon start experimenting with some old favorite jailbreak apps, as I’ve recently seen more reports of some of these working OK now on the iPad.

How are your favorite Jailbreak iPad apps performing?

More reasons to Jailbreak Your iPad


Cydia is a software application for the iPad OS that lets a user browse and download applications for a jailbroken iPad or iPod Touch. It was developed by Jay Freeman (also known as "saurik").

Cydia provides a more user-friendly graphical user interface for some open-source software-installation tools originally developed for Linux (specifically APT, and the dpkg package management system). Cydia's repositories allow the installation of software packages, most of which are available to download at no cost. Cydia also includes the Cydia Store, which offers a number of applications for sale. Both free and paid software packages are downloaded directly to an iPad or iPod Touch device, to the same location as Apple's pre-installed applications (the /Applications/ directory).

Cydia is named after the insect Cydia pomonella, a moth whose larva infests apples.

FeaturesWhen applications submitted to the official App Store are not approved, developers sometimes put those applications in sources accessible through APT, which are commonly installed directly in iPad OS using the Cydia interface. Notable is a Google Voice implementation originally developed by a third-party; Google's own version of the application was initially rejected but is currently being reviewed by Apple.

Cydia StoreCydia allows users to add custom sources to APT, which allows users to choose download locations of packages. There are numerous sources available in community source packs, and private sources can also be added manually. These packages (applications) for jailbroken iPads and iPod Touches can often function on a deeper level than Apple-approved applications because they have the ability to access any part of the hardware or file system. This allows for themes, file browsers, video recording on the pre-3gs, and system-wide modification to all apps installed on an iPad.

In March 2009, Freeman introduced a way for developers to sell applications via Cydia. Users may use Amazon Payments or PayPal to purchase items from the store. Unlike App Store applications, applications available through the Cydia interface are not controlled by DRM unless the developer chooses to add their own protective measures. The proof of payment is linked to a Google or Facebook account in case users move to a new iPod Touch or iPad device or the device is bricked or un-jailbroken.

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