Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cydia App Without Jailbreak

DarkApples Team is working on a method that could allow the installation of Cydia applications without jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. According to them, there seems a way to install the deb packages in Cydia and PAH (cracked applications) on non-jailbroken iDevices. The team says they have managed to install Cydia programs on the factory restored iPhone without pwning or jailbreaking.

iRev explains some things on behalf of DarkApples Hacking Team...

There are two problems that we are trying to resolve, the first is that most applications rely on Cydia MobileSubstrate, as it is conceived that must now be placed in / Library (which is obviously impossible if you’re not jailbroken), the other is that as it is conceived at this time makes it possible to actually install any IPA without even cracking.

You want to close this door. At this moment there is no real program, but a bunch of tools for OSX executable that are launched from the terminal. Obviously before publication we will also arrange the side “aesthetic” of the thing.

Once the Cydia app is”processed”, simple drag it into iTunes and Sync the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, to find the App properly installed and working.

How to run the IPA on non-jailbroken iPhone is still not clear. It seems that the method to install Cydia applications on non-jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad should be released soon.

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  1. This is very disappointing please release top secret is over new iPhone be out in a month or too. Please release


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