Sunday, May 2, 2010

BlackBerry Tablet: BlackPad

When the Apple iPad released, many wondered who would be next. We knew of HP and a handful of others, but after initial reviews they didn't pair up to the iPad. Then there were rumors of Research In Motion ordering 8.9" display screens from Hon Hai. Many started wondering if RIM could possibly be working on a tablet.

RIM is in fact working on a tablet. We do not have many details at the time, but we have been told that it will be smaller and thinner than the iPad. The BlackBerry tablet also goes by the codename: 'BlackPad' or possibly could be what Bla1ze from CrackBerry tells us, 'Cobalt'. The tablet will have full BlackBerry OS compatibility and functionality.

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  1. I hope for RIMs sake that it doesn't run anything resembling the current iterations of the BB OS. They're a huge failure as far as this generation of smartphones are concerned and I most certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone. That was hard to come to terms with... I don't like owning crappy equipment and I'm not one of those consumers that just buys the phone and whines about early release software. Even the most stable releases, official or not, are gigantic memory leaks with a bad attitude. Multiple battery pulls in a day is just not acceptable. The thing is, the hardware has great potential! It's just crippled by the OS.

    Certainly, many argue that it's currently the most secure and is great for emails but if you're pushing truly sensitive information around on a phone, you're an idiot and if you're composing tons of emails on one, ditto. Disagree if you will. Good for you. Feel the righteous indignation.

    Honestly the only reason that I think Apple pulled off the iPad with the iPhone OS is that it's actually a unix box trimmed down... and I'd jailbreak that mother the second I bought it since I don't like Apple's Nazi-esque control over functionality either. At least there I have an option.

    Sorry Rim... too little too late. Perhaps you'll amaze me an pull something decent out of your arse but I'm not holding my breath. I feel poorly used by your recent paltry offerings. *looks down at 9530 with loathing*


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