Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blackberry BlackPad

Apple’s iPad has been all the rage lately but it looks like rumors of RIM’s BlackBerry tablet, the “BlackPad”, are becoming a hot topic as well. In an article by Scott Moritz over at TheStreet, analysts talk about RIM’s position on the iPad and the development of their own tablet.

  • Was going to be a Google Android powered tablet available later this year, but RIM changed their mind
  • It will be designed for the consumer market, not so much for core business users
  • Quanta, Taiwan’s huge contract manufacturer, will build it
  • RIM will use the BlackBerry OS on it, likely BlackBerry 6
  • It will use Marvell’s Armada processor
  • BlackBerry OS suggests they will use its email capabilities to their advantage
Keep in mind that none if this is official until it comes from RIM, but it’s good speculation of the a potential iPad killer/competitor

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