Monday, May 17, 2010

App Developer: Shawn Bayern Interview

I have a wifi only iPad so I can see the benefit. Do you have plans for any other apps?

Not really. I may try, if I get time, to produce smaller, more targeted versions of the US Code app, like one for “criminal statutes and rules” or another for “tax statutes and regulations.” But it’s hard to know where that would end, and it might become difficult to keep all those applications up to date.

I do have an app I’ve already released that’s an iPhone interface to a website I set up back in 2000 called Time Cave. It lets you schedule email messages to yourself or other people in the future – like “Don’t forget your dentist appointment on Tuesday” or even, ten years from now, “I hope you haven’t sold out yet!” I’m planning an iPad version of that app too.

Check out the rest of the interview at Tablet Legal: Shawn Bayern, App Developer Interview

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