Friday, April 9, 2010

Super Mario Kart For iPad

ZodTTD ported his existing SNES emulator to the new hardware. While he does have access to the iPhone Dev Team’s iPad jailbreak, he also has the iPhone and iPad developer tools. Using these, he compiled the app and signed it, and has it up and running on a stock iPad. If you have ever participated in a beta testing for an iPhone app and had the developer send you both the app and a provisioning file, you will be familiar with the process.

From ZodTTD:

ZodTTD here! I just got my iPad and the first thing I did was install a build of snes4iphone made specifically for non-jailbroken iDevices. This is the video of the first test. I have 2x scale enabled on the iPad to make it fullscreen, and I enabled smooth scaling in the emulator.

I'm playing Super Mario Kart on my iPad and it looks, sounds, and plays great! This is going to be amazing.

Jailbroken iPad here we come!

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Thanks so much for the support. I'll be sure to make this iPad worth every penny! ;)
- ZodTTD

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