Monday, April 19, 2010

Overdrive 4G Hotspot For iPad

So far, the iPad can only connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi (in most places, but not all) and 3G when that edition is released before the end of the month.

But Sprint has a way to get your iPad on the 4G network with the help of their signature Overdrive hotspots.

Sprint has released a bulky, but rather powerful iPad case bundled with an Overdrive 3G/4G Hotspot modem. And not only can you connect your iPad to the 4G network, but also up to four other Wi-Fi enabled devices as well.

The Overdrive 4G Hotspot can last up to three and a half hours on a single battery charge and should be compatible with most Wi-Fi ready devices. It would be great to have a speedier network to work on, but it seems like a lot to carry around. Sprint has it priced at $399 without a contract...

The overdrive 3G/4G mobile HotSpot is currently available for $80 to $100, and a data plan will cost around $60 per month. The case designed for the iPad and the modem is available for free at Best Buy in selected states with the purchase of an Overdrive modem.

I tether my iPad to the Verizon network through my rooted MotoDroid with some success, seems a little bogged down at times!

Hopefully we won't have to download an iPad Jailbreak to make this perform at it's best!

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