Sunday, April 11, 2010

Laptop Free With My iPad

It's been one week since I first started using an iPad and I've been asked hundreds of questions about my experience with Apple's latest creation. Here's what I've learned.

I didn't pick up my laptop once during the entire week. That's right, not even once and I didn't miss it.

The iPad replaced my laptop for almost all of my workflow. Sitting at a coffee shop I typed out dozens of e-mails on the virtual keyboard (which took some getting used to), compiled to-do lists in the day planner, read a few PDFs, read a book using the Kindle app, listened to great NPR content, read Time Magazine on the new iPad app, watched the Phillies opening-day live on the MLB app, read hundreds of news stories ... and wiped away a lot of fingerprints.

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iPad, I'm Lovin' IT!