Monday, April 12, 2010

iPhone OS 4 Beta Jailbreak Already

Apple released the iPhone OS 4 beta less than 24 hours ago, and already hackers have jailbroken the new operating system.

In the short video above, Eric McDonald, better known as “MuscleNerd” of the iPhone Dev Team, demonstrates an iPhone running OS 4 with Cydia installed.

Cydia is the underground app store only accessible with jailbroken iPhones — that is, iPhones that have been hacked with software to free them of some of Apple’s restrictions. Some third-party developers have opted to distribute their software through Cydia after their apps were rejected by Apple.

In light of Apple’s new iPhone developer agreement, Adobe developers might just have to turn to Cydia to get their apps onto the iPhone. Apple’s revised agreement stipulates that iPhone apps must be originally coded with Objective-C, the language used in the iPhone SDK. That implies Apple will reject any app coded in a different language and automatically converted into a native iPhone app. The new rule is especially bad news for Adobe, who is touting a tool called Packager for the iPhone, which enables Flash developers to easily port their software into iPhone apps.

Apple will release iPhone OS 4 this summer for iPhone and iPod Touch customers. For iPad owners, the OS will be available fall.

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  1. Is it legit? Anyone tried to jailbreak an ipad here?


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