Wednesday, April 28, 2010

iPad Winner Announcement

Well, no one won the 191 Million Jackpot in the Mega Millions drawing last night...

But with the winning number of 18 last week and the winning number of 6 this week, I'm proud to announce that Erika P. from Albany, NY has won our iPad Jailbreak Giveaway!

Erika has elected to get her iPad will be sent her way tomorrow morning. Enjoy your iPad Erika!

For our next giveaway, I'm planning to try to do the same thing with the MegaBall to ensure that this process is truly random! (Plus it gives people something to root for!) Hopefully I can pick up a 16GB 3G iPad at Best Buy in a couple days to giveaway later in May. Thanks to everyone that entered!


  1. Thanks you oh so much, tracking number says it is getting close! TY SO MUCH!

  2. Kick ass...I want to win the next one!


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