Sunday, April 11, 2010

iPad On Best Buy Cover

Need an iPad? Best Buy is out of them for the moment. And some estimates have the total number of iPads sold already over 600,000.

The Apple iPad was expected to rack up significant sales at launch, in part due to Apple fulfilling pre-orders from fans and enthusiasts. But pre-orders aren’t a real measure of consumer demand; a better measure is usually consumers’ feet in stores. And apparently the iPad has been doing well there too: numerous outlets are reporting that electronics retailersBest Buy is sold out of the iPad at all of its 650+ retail locations in the United States, although the chain is expecting to have more inventory available April 11.

It’s fair to wonder whether Best Buy’s lack of iPad has more to do with the logistics of running a retail channel than consumer demand: Best Buy only came on board as a retail partner for the iPad days before the devices were scheduled to begin landing in consumer’s hands. However, some industry watchers have speculated that Apple’s brief postponement of the iPad launch from late March to early April may have been, in part, a chance to get Best Buy into the retail distribution.

Still trying to decide who is prettier, Giada or the iPad :)

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  1. Giada is cute...but I think the iPad is cheaper :)


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