Thursday, April 29, 2010

iPad Jailbreak Released, Friday

Remember the Spirit iPad Jailbreak we had mentioned a couple weeks back? Well, as predicted, release of spirit is just around the corner.

Spirit untethered Jailbreak tool is a jailbreaking tool only like blackra1n which can jailbreak the stock iPhone 3.1.3 or iPad 3.2 firmware. It will not unlock any of your iDevice. Hopefully this iPad Jailbreak Download will be available very soon!

iPhone hacker Comex has already published a video of his own spirit userland untethered Jailbreak solution that jailbreaks idevice OTA (over the air) that shows it running on the iPod touch. Have a look!

For those who are interested in jailbreaking their iPad, they should stay away from iTunes 9.1.1 since iTunes can detect & remove it.


  1. I really hope it comes out Friday along with the 3G iPad!!

  2. ~3:15 "therefore, it is probably better not to release on Friday (ugh, drama)" -comex.

  3. Come on guys...lets get this out there!

  4. NOpe not friday check his twitter and the dev team blog we have to wait longer.i am now angery


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