Thursday, April 29, 2010

iPad Insomnia

If you use your iPad to read a book before bed, you may experience a "bout of insomnia" according to researchers.

The iPad backlit display may be to blame, as other hi-tech readers have a duller reflection, more like a real book, says the UCLA report, and exposure to the bright light of the iPad may make it a little harder to get that shut-eye you're seeking.

Sleep researchers say that exposure to the light may inhibit the release of melatonin, which actually helps the body settle into sleep mode.

The iPad, meanwhile, uses a 262,000-color, liquid crystal display (LCD) that must be back-lit because these liquid crystals do not shine on their own. The fact that the iPad operates in full color and is held closer to the user's face than a television may be causing users to experience sleepless spikes when trying to get some rest.

Other devices, such as Kindle and Nook, more closely replicate the design of a regular book, with an ambient light that does not disturb the brain's chemical balance.

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  1. The humble book will never die


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