Saturday, April 24, 2010

iPad Flash Installation

This is an obvious work around to get flash on the iPad enabled...

One way around that is using a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) app. It lets you show and control one computer from iPad.

With this app, you can use a computer that does support Flash to view the content in a VNC app on the iPad. Desktop Connect is currently available and costs $12 in the iTunes App Store. Though there are cheaper VNC apps, this one works with a lot of platforms and is easy to configure.

If the computer is on the same network, Desktop Connect will find it and connect to it automatically. Otherwise, you'll have to configure it manually.


  1. or you could buy a tablet with android / win 7 and get so much more for your money inc usb, better RAM

  2. No sound. Sweet! This will work wonderfully for the couch geeks who have their laptop/desktop WAAAYYYY across the room but, well, it's WAAAYYYY across the room! But, hey, for a lowly $12.00, I don't have to get off my dead ass.

    Would someone PLEASE write a program (hello, Adobe!) to convert Flash content into HTML5 or a YouTube playable format with the click of a button? There is a market begging to be filled here.


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