Wednesday, April 7, 2010

iPad Car Dashboard Hack

Apple’s iPad is the buzzword today and now that it is going to be available widely in the market, people have begun to notice that it actually is quite a cool gadget indeed. Doug Bernards got a little creative and decided to get an iPad fit in the dashboard of his car alongside an Audison Bit One processor.

He also plans to install a McIntosh 6 channel amplifier MCC406M, and a special iPod dock thanks to which digital signals can be received from iPad and distributed to the BitOne via optical output.

The car that is going to get all these geeky goodies is the Toyota Tacoma. With the iPad, the dashboard looks really good and it sure is going to be exciting to know what the dashboard of the Toyota Tacoma will look like in the end, after all the modding by Doug.

If you could do the same modifications to your car, you could literally use the iPad for listening to music, browsing, watching YouTube videos, read news and articles and stay in touch with friends when you are driving. However, you would need to be a little careful while driving. You could check out the iCade iPad Cabinet and even the forthcoming Diamond Studded iPad for cool related news, but if you already own one, then keep an eye on the iPad Jailbreak.

First iPad in a Car [SoundMan Car Audio via Autoblog]

iPad in Car, Pt. 1, First Ever, SoundMan Car Audio

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  1. hey yo! i said this was coming way back in the day, in one of the old iPad predictions threads… i can’t wait to do this! what I reaaaly can’t wait for is one of the car stereo manufacturers to get the hint and make a head unit that is just an iPad dock and has the audio conversion etc all built into the headunit. iPad size Google Maps while I am driving? That ALONE justifies the price of an iPad to me. Then full screen contacts, one finger navigation, voice control? EVERYTHING in iPhone OS in my car? Yup!


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