Saturday, April 10, 2010

iPad Break Easily?

Since the iPad’s April 3 release, a variety of videos have circulated online showing the device subjected to various indignities, including beaten "Untouchables"-style with a baseball bat. Blendtec’s popular "Will It Blend?" series posted a video segment showing the iPad cracked in half before being shoved in a heavy-duty blender, where its painstakingly crafted components proved easy work for the spinning blades. The result: a small hill of gray powder with some larger chunks mixed in.

"This kind of negativity really upsets me," Fake Steve Jobs—the alter ego of journalist Dan Lyons—wrote on his eponymous blog, captioning a video of three kids smashing an iPad to pieces.

Apple’s iPad may be adept at displaying multimedia content and e-texts, but it’ll have a harder time dealing with gravity and sudden blows, according to Rapid Repair, which regularly publishes an online teardown of the electronic devices it repairs.

"The weight, size, and novel ways of using these devices will put them at risk for a higher rate of accidents, which are more damaging than what we are used to," Aaron Vronko, co-founder and service manager of Michigan-based Rapid Repair, wrote in an April 9 e-mail to eWEEK. "As a result, we expect 5-10 percent of these devices to fail from accident-related causes each year."

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