Friday, April 16, 2010

iPad Blinker App

Looking for a way to show off your iPad...well here it is!

Slide the iPad into the see-through plastic pocket and load up the custom software. The iPad then uses its accelerometers to work out what you intend to do next and flashes a signal on its screen accordingly. Thus, by sitting up straight you’ll show drivers a stop-sign, and by leaning left or right you’ll display a turn-signal.

Or, if you’re riding tandem, the rear passenger can relax and watch a movie or (with the 3G iPad at least) check your route or catch up on email.

The Sprocket Pocket is a project by the Maya design consultancy, and will actually be sold after a “beta” testing phase. You can download a pattern to make your own pocket, but you’ll have to wait until the iPad app is officially launched.

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