Thursday, April 15, 2010

iPad 3G - Release Announcement

Speculation on when the iPad 3G release date will be is running wild on the web. No one is for sure exactly when we’ll see the Apple iPad 3G version, but we do know, according to Apple, that is will be this month – April.

An Apple retailer in Atlanta, Georgia has on their website that the release date for the iPad 3G is “the end of April”. So it seems that the end of April is about the best we are going to get regarding a release date for the iPad 3G.

iPad 3G – The Biggest Announcement is still a vague "END OF APRIL"

I’m of the opinion that the Apple iPad 3G is going to be a bigger success than the initial iPad release on April 3rd.

If Apple waits too long, the iPad 3G may be in direct competition with the HP Slate which has

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