Monday, April 19, 2010

Craigslist iPad Scam!

Click below image to read the full story...try not to fall for this scam!!

Via MacRumors Forum


  1. His wife was mad because he didn't have the ipad?!?!?! Not because he sucked off some stranger in a restroom?

  2. While I think it is a good joke I wonder what his wife is capable of :-)

  3. lmao you are the biggest rook on this planet. You go low enough to suck some dudes dick for an ipad off craigslist. First of all your wife should divorce you because you are a fucking faggot, second of all you should kill yourself for sharing this retarded story with the world, and third of all jesus christ you are a fucking idiot. go suck dick for crack not ipads

  4. WOW! I guess I don't want the free Ipad, do I!
    Thank goodness I was lucky enough to have
    a friend read the ad and know where to
    check out scam deals. Besides, I don't
    know what an Ipad is....and now I think I

  5. That sucks. You blowed a guy in his late 40s for nothing. lol. If he were in his 20s and hot then no big deal, atleast then it would have been a hot bj.


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