Saturday, April 3, 2010

Buy Luxury Hyundai, Get An iPad Free!

The Korean carmaker, which is best known for budget vehicles, is taking aim at the super-premium auto market with a new model and a giveaway sure to attract attention — the Equus sedan’s owner manual will come loaded on one of Apple’s buzz generating iPads.

LA Times reports that Hyundai Motor plans to corral two sacred cows of American in a single go — our need to go green and an insatiable appetite for all things Apple — by bundling their luxury Equus sedan’s owner manual on a $499 iPad, replacing the treeware version.

“They are trying to position themselves as a modern, in-touch, technologically savvy brand. It is the sort of innovation you would expect from BMW or Mercedes, but not Hyundai,” said Mike Bloxham, director, insight and research, Center for Media Design, Ball State University.

The Hyundai Equus will sell for $50,000 to $60,000, which is equipped and styled to go head-to-head with cards from Toyota’s Lexus and Mercedes Benz.

Equus will be the first paperless car – as it would include an iPad, loaded with a digital version of the 300 page thick owner's manual. Apple Inc.'s sleek tablet computer, iPad, will be included as a part of the package for the consumer’s who buy the new Hyundai Luxury car. The owners will also be able to use one of the tablet's pre-loaded applications to make service appointments.

The company is hoping that bundling an iPad with their first ever luxury sedan will help overcome the strong association of Hyundai and economy vehicles.

Honestly, if they want make break the mold, Hyundai really should put the Equus’ owner manual on a Wi-Fi + 3G iPad with 64GB of storage. Anything else makes them look a bit stingy…

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  1. Luxury Hyundai...isn't that an oxymoron!


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