Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beware: Jailbreak Scam

A recently discovered Trojan virus is being spread to inexperienced users’ interested in jailbreaking their phones. As reported by BitDefender, the malware authors send out spam email promising users a simple unlock. The spam then proceeds to direct users to a website where they can download software, which hijacks the Windows computer’s DNS requests to their own server. This then allows them to redirect users to fake, malware infested versions of popular websites. The Trojan does not; as of yet affect Mac OS X computers.

According to the email, users can easily unlock their iPhones by clicking onto a link and going to a website. On the webpage the user is supposedly taught how they can “jailbrake” their iPhones. Users on this page are directed to connect their iPhone to the PC. Once connected, they download an application to their PC and “run it on their iPhone” (though BitDefender does’t make it clear how an app can be loaded on the iPhone without iTunes) Apparently though, the iPhone program hides malware that is being identified by BitDefender as Trjoan.BAT.AACL. All this Trojan does is redirect DNS requests to a site on the 188.210.x.x subnet. Unsuspecting users can then be subject to phishing and other attacks while thinking they’re browsing legitimate websites.

It’s hard to remember how really obvious some of these scams are sometimes. However, they work by the numbers and even if one in a thousand users is gullible enough to fall for the trick, that’s worth a lot of money to the scamsters. At the same time though, “jailbrake?” Be equally cautious when it comes to a new iPad Jailbreak Download

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