Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iPad With Flash

Is a jailbreak going to be necessary to get Flash on iPad?

One has NPR and the WSJ building special iPad versions of their websites without Flash (remember this was one of Steve Jobs requests last month when he visited the Journal?) The sites will be basically the same but the Flash bits will be replaced largely by HTML5 elements.

Some of you might be thinking: Why not just build websites without Flash? Why keep the Flash versions around at all?

The biggest issue is Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer still accounts for close to 60% of all Web browsing and it can't properly render HTML5. Interestingly, Internet Explorer 9 was previewed today and it apparently is going to be able to do HTML5. But the IE crowd aren't the "quick-to-update" types. In fact, 21% of Web users (Net Applications latest study) use 2001's IE6. (2001 called and wants their browser…)

It will be along time before Apple's iProducts reach 20% of Web users — if at all — though, as an advertiser, would you rather reach the 20% of people who haven't updated their browser in 10 years or the ones that are on the best equipment out there (iProducts)?

So, if you want to build video or interaction into a site, you basically have three choices:

1. Build an HTML5 version that will work on Apple's gadgets and Macs (<10%>95% of browsers use Flash. Even on Macs with ClicktoFlash, you can still view things like Hulu if you so choose.

3. Build two versions of the site. One for the 95% who don't mind using Flash. Another for the influential 5% that use Apple's iProducts.


  1. well there are some difference in view for a simple web client and an iPad client there is a need being placed for the designing of the website with respect to the iPad web specifications.

  2. So, is there a program with basically point-and-click functionality that creates HTML5 or does it have to be coded? Many sites I visit are small businesses whose sites are completely done in Flash. What are the costs to redo and maintain/add content? (an honest question I don't know the answer to).

  3. You say we have three choices, but you list only #1 and #3.

  4. I guess that the #2 choice is to make Apple accept the flash-standard :)

  5. This is a bad piece. Just some guy lamenting on how Apple products still don't have enough real market share to matter.

  6. So your answer to "how to get flash on an ipad" is - the internet should change.

    Wake up - the internet uses flash. I really can't understand how Apple have not been sued like Microsoft were.

  7. I will NOT recreate half of my websites, just because an idiot is fooling 0,5% of the computer users!

    The iPad could have been the perfect thing for some of my customers, who are perfectly happy with their current Flash sites.
    Flash is not only for videos or bad ads.


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